WINEFIT EVO – The new system for a professional dispensing by the glass of Winefit. Winefit EVO is the newest range of products by Winefit suitable for a pro public that perfectly combines all the advantages of the previous ranges with a wide range of innovative and high-tech solutions.


TOUCH SCREEN 5’’ an user friendly and attractive screen allows
you to interact with your machine to manage the best way all the settings

the interior is lit with multicolors LED technology

manage your red and white wines on one device with the 2+2 cooling system with
an highefficiency performance for both zones

The new device offers unlimited possibilities
concerning your way of serving by the glass, it eliminates completely your losses
and it allows you to manage every aspect of your EVO machine. The special cap system
patented by Winefit, thanks to the SMART FLEXTM technology, grants an unlimited
extensive concept of your wine by the glass concept and it avoids any kind of
maintenance connected to the everyday use.

The evolution from previous ranges grants a plug&play installation and an immediate
use of the device, this avoiding any kind of installation for the gas tank and after-sale problem
on any gas circuit leakage, with also a big save of space. An attractive made in Italy design
plus an unique elegance and silentness make the new EVO a device suitable to furnish any
professional or household ambient also because its capability of being totally built-in.

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