ONE – wine dispenser


It is the most versatile wine dispenser ever. It is practical, light, not cluttered and moves very easily. Just put the button on “on” and it is already operational for all the bottles of wine you want.
Equipment: 04 New Special Caps 2.0 for ONE, 02 Argon Gas Cylinders and mains power cable.

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the practical display allows you to choose the quantity to be dispensed:
tasting button, full glass button and free brewing button.

Special cap:
with the revolutionary cap and with only one machine you can open
an unlimited number of bottles between 0.375lt and 1.5lt. Thanks to a
exclusive technology the Winefit dispenser cap revolutionizes the concept
of the quality wine pouring guaranteeing the best result with
the smallest footprint. Winefit continues to work every day for
improve the product and make it more and more competitive.

360 ° customization:
the basic structure of the dispenser is available in various customizations
it is also possible to insert your trademark in the parts set up for targeted commercial operations.

Minimum footprint:
the extremely small size of the ONE product makes it suitable for anywhere.

Maximum mobility:
the machine can be easily put on a trolley for one
service by the glass “at the table” also thanks to the external Winefit battery

Dimensions: L 255 mm, P 386 mm, H 565 mm
Weight: 9 Kg
Max bottle diameter: 108 mm
Bottle neck diameter: 28mm, 33mm
Max bottle height: 350 mm
Autonomy: ca. 50 bottles 0.75 lt. per cylinder
Type of cylinder: argon Ø 70 mm, 0.95 L
Power supply: 110V / 230V – 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 14W