Top Chiller – mod. T3


With TOP CHILLER it only takes a few minutes to bring bottles of wine, champagne, beers or mineral water to the desired temperature. Also great for plastic cans and bottles.

Easy to use also thanks to the flexible and individual adjustment, it always allows to obtain the cooling suitable for every type of wine.

Equipment: 1 rapid blast chiller + 1 extra bag kit + 1 coolant tank

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TOP CHILLER is ideal for wine bars, wine bars, restaurants, hotels, exhibition stands, banquets and weddings. Also very useful at home for a toast in friendship.

It is a compact product, easy to handle and fits nicely into any type of furniture.

With TOP CHILLER the problem of having your drinks always at the correct temperature is definitively solved!

Countertop model T3 for 3 bottles (also magnum)

Dimensions: 55.0 x 50.3 x 42.9 cm

Weight: 43kg

Power supply: 230V – 50Hz

Consumption: 320W 2,5KwH / 24h

Capacity: 3 bottles